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Another great feast of high quality pizzas & an extremely quick turnaround
Good quality takeway, I like that they home deliver. Drivers are always friendly.
So quick, and so beautiful! You must try Mimi's Pizza at Camberwell.
Delivery on time. Pizzas were great as usual.
your the best
Seriously great delivery service and great food. Very happy with the overall experience.
Great service as usual, ordered for 6:30pm, both pizzas were being boxed as I entered the store. Spot on! Great staff, great place, fantastic business.
We love Mimi's pizza normally, however this evening we were disappointed to arrive home with a gluten free garlic cheese pizza. The reason for this was, when adding a garlic cheese pizza to your order online a gluten free large option is automatically added(im guessing it is like this because it is the most expensive option) and I had thought i ordered a large normal pizza like all my other pizzas i had ordered. Please change this!
Although the food and service is delightful and i would love to give it an amazing 5, I find the following problems which are unrelated to the food itself but which is a problem for me: 1. I have signed up but when I go to sign in, it wont accept my password. When I ask to reset my password, I dont get the email to reset it. In my opinion the sign in process needs attention and it puts me off using the site. I just have to remember that the quality of the food is enjoyable so the pain of using the system is worth it. However i am not sure how many customers would feel the same way. i am getting over it myself. 2. I would like to see a medium size pizza available as I am on my own. A large one is too big for one person. 3. There is a difference between ordering a pizza and then having to order a sweet to make up the prize of the delivery. The problem is that a large pizza and sweet does not add up to the price of the delivery. So then I have to add something else that i really dont want. IN my opinion you need to review the price of your delivery in relation to your prices. Your delivery price is too high. You also need to consider that not everyone is in a family situation where there are more than 1 person. Why not provide options for people living on their own. A large pizza is too much to eat. What happened to a smaller size pizza. These are the reasons I have given average. However as I said, the food and service definitely deserves in my opinion an amazing 5. Please consider changing some of these points i have brought to your attention and then, it would indeed be totally awesome.!!
Very timely delivery and great pizzas
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